Frequently Asked Questions

When preparing for a lab test, be sure to follow your doctor's instructions. In addition to following that guidance, it is important to:

  • Continue to take any medication as prescribed
  • Wear sleeves that roll up easily if you are taking a blood test
  • Be prepared to provide a urine sample
  • Fast (if you are having a blood test), which means that you should not consume anything but water, plain tea without milk or sugar, or black coffee
  • Drink plenty of water
Sometimes your sample will be taken in your doctor's office and sent out to a lab for testing. Other times your doctor will send you directly to DDL for lab testing.

No, an appointment is not necessary, and walk-ins are welcome. Our goal is to provide service to all patients within 15 minutes of their sign-in time.

You should bring a completed test requisition form from your doctor, which is a prescription to get lab tests, and your medical insurance card.

A typical test result will be reported to your doctor within 24 hours, although sometimes some tests take up to a week or longer for additional consultations.

Contact your doctor and request a printed copy of your lab report.

For your convenience, DDL accepts all four major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), debit cards, health savings cards, checks, or money orders.

DDL provides a valuable service as part of managing your health. There is a fee for our services, but we offer convenient options for you to pay your bill, including at the time of service, or by mail. If you have a past due balance from a previous DDL service, you will be required to make a minimum payment based on your outstanding balance before you can receive future services. If you have any questions about your bill or past due invoices, please call 302-407-5903 to reach our Patient Billing Customer Service department.

Billing Information

Delaware Diagnostic Labs performs all billing in house – we do not use a billing service. We can file all reimbursement claims for our laboratory services to Medicare, Medicaid, and all major insurance. Following is the list of most common medical insurance plans:

  • Aetna
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Cigna
  • United HealthCare

We also have special pricing for non-insured patients with the lowest pricing in the industry. Patients are responsible for payment of any laboratory services not covered by their insurance. We accept payment by cash, check, and all major credit cards.

If you, the client, want to be billed for services that you order, we will send your office an invoice once a month for the total amount due.

If you have any question about the cost of our services, please send us an email or call 302-407-5903 for more information.